Iowa League of Woman Voters wants our attention for an upcoming League convention.  Then,  Jason Matthews, ex-CIA guy, now novelist,  tells us as much as he can without having to kill us.  Palace of Treason

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Timothy Head says Iowa law has been changed to allow the expungement of criminal records pertaining to acquittals or dismissal of charges.  Iowan’s are grateful.  Ann Coulter bids Adios to America—a very snarky look at the US immigration system. 

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Tom Meier  from Trail Life gives alternatives to a fading Boy Scouts of America.  Then,  an Iowa illegal alien threatens the Party of Lincoln with political reprisal for keeping them in slavery….or something.

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Michael Novak, Deputy Director, Warfare Integration, office of Chief of Naval Operations, in Iowa to talk Navy.   Senator Rand Paul forces the expiration of illegal bulk data collection by the NSA.   Dr. Michael Jackson says he can use your own stem cells to repair worn out or broken body parts.  

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Senator Rand Paul explains his anti-Patriot Act filibuster.   Tim Overlin talks about Personhood…upcoming meeting for the public.  Charles Murray says it’s time to return the idea of government“By the People”  --  says it’s time for civil disobedience.   And then, what to do with millions of dead birds.

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Max Richtman from the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare thinks he can fix them…with a little more of your money.   Governor Mick Huckabee explains his no vote on the Iowa Straw Poll.   Doug Holtz-Eakin says it’s too expensive to export illegals.    And Disney makes it’s fired workers train their replacements.

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The Forgivenss Project, Marina Cantacuzino…inspiring and frustrating Scott Taylor, Navy Seal, worries about the US sacrifice in Iraq being wasted.  OPSEC.  He wants Iowan to be very careful who we select as the next Commander in Chief.   Then, anIowa judge sends home a murder jury cuz they aren’t diverse enough.  Iowans are appalled.

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It National Dog Bite Week.   Dog trainer Dane Fedman tells how to avoid getting chewed on.   The scariest movie trailer…ever.  And chasing Hillary…at 95mph.

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Rick Manning says Obama should NOT be given fast-track authority on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Currency Guru James Rickards tells how old money keeps their money.  And what do IRS forfeitures and the Boone Farm Expo have in common?

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Peggy Woodward, editor of Taste of Home,  corrects our  grilling faux paus.   Frank Gaffney talks about US insecurity.  Kirsten Powers talks about the Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech.  And grading Jeb.

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