Friday August 4 2006 A tragic motorcycle accident...survivor is charged with vehicular homicide.  Why?  Then Gary DeMar  is a skeptic of end times prophecy.  "End Times Madness".   He examines the "Left Behind" series and Joel Rosenberg's prophetic novels.
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Thursday August 3 2006

More silly noise from the culture war.   Then,  Joel Rosenberg  and "The Copper Scroll"... another best selling prophetic novel about the Middle East.    Plus,  listeners re-write a conservative public service announcement they way liberals would.

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Wednesday August 2 2006

Dr. Chad Rohlfsen is looking for a few good bodies for a chiropractic survey,  plus talks about the childhood vaccines. (He's a skeptic)  Chris Prentice from Passages has "The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure"... how to help Mel Gibson.   Dr. Ann Blake Tracy on the Andrea Yates  Not Guilty Verdict...says her "cure" was the "cause". 

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Bill Northey  from the Iowa Energy Alliance  and Republican candidate for Ag Secretary.  Congressman Jim Nussle  wants to be Governor.   And is this the real Mel Gibson?  Is booze a truth serum?
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Monday July 31 2006

Back from vacation...  "Take This Job and Ship It"   Senator Byron Dorgan describes  How Corporate Greed and Brain-Dead Politics Are Selling Out America"...   then,  Gov Mitt Romney  in Iowa for a fundraiser  "hugs a tar baby"...  big mistake? 

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Friday July 28 2006 Steve Winzenberg in for vacationing Jan Mickelson   (No Program Description)
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Thursday July 27 2006 Bob Quinn in for vacationing Jan Mickelson     (no program description)
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Wednesday July 26 2006 Evan Stuart for vacationing Jan Mickelson    What does it mean to be an American?
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Ross Peterson filled in as host for Jan Mickelson.  Ross talked to local activist Pete Rose, who is calling for the resignation of two Des Moines City Council members for their part in the CIETC scandal.  This is roughly 40 minutes of Tuesday's broadcast.

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Monday July 24th 2006

Trent Rice for vactioning Jan Mickelson  (no program descriptions)

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