Friday July 7 2006

The Yoda of the hard left... Howard with his "Original Zinn" and spirited snottiness.   Then,  what would cause Iowa nurses to go on strike?   Then,  Congressman James Leach  gives insight into the mind of North Korean dictator, "Dear Leader" Kim Jong Ill.

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Thursday July 6 2006

Dr. Mary Manz Simon talks about "Trend-Savvy Parenting"... unfortunately it doesn't involve a resurgence of kid whacking.    Then,  Tim Bascom tells about his "Chameleon Days"  as a MK in Ethiopia.  (a Saturday book signing at Barnes and Noble in Des Moines)   Michael Fumento  back from Iraq and  "The New Band of Brothers."   great stories.

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Friday June 30 2006


"Devil's Teeth"  the true story of obsession and survival among America's Great White Sharks...Susan Casey, a great story teller.   And with a contest for a trip for our own Shark Adventure!    Then,  water bullet ballistics.   Frosty Wooldridge is a 21st Century Paul Revere  calling us to alarm over an invasion of illegals...a July 1st rally at the Iowa Capital. 

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Thursday June 29 2006 The first American accused of murdering "civilians" in Iraq.  "Warlord"   Ilario Pantano.   What a story!   Very inspirational.   Clive starts a stop-light fund-raiser.  Clive City Manager Henderson defends the new cameras.   Lance Armstrong is coming to Iowa to ride in Ragbrai.  "Lance Armstrong's War"  Daniel Coyle.   Then,  did Rush get the shaft? 
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Wednesday June 28 2006

The Flag Protection Amendment  failed by one vote.  What does this mean?  Then,  can a white guy be a victim of a "hate" crime?   What important fact was left out  of this story? 

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Tuesday June 27 2006 Congressman Steve King  explains his Voting Rights Act  renewal opposition, plus he gets an autographed picture of Helen Thomas.   Then,  Polk County Medical Examiner, Gregory Schmunk tells us some great inside stories about his profession...our very own CSI consultant.
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Monday July 26 2006

Energy savings with a new technology.   Energy GuardWayne Essink  is the Energy Doctor...a contest drawing.  515-963-9681    Then,  Iowa taxpayers are footing the medical bills of a prisoner for more than $250,000.   Why?   The question reduces one hostile caller to song.

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Friday June 23 2006


Talkin' about everything.    Wide open.    Bay Buchanan  in Iowa to talk about immigration reform from "Team America"...  and who doesn't want to increase the minimum wage? 

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Thursday June 22 2006


From the Profit Zone,  Don DeWaay  talks about how to preserve money during economic downtimes.   800-722-9861   Joyce Schulte  is appalled at a Congressman Steve King  political joke...  and a hooligan beats up a cyclist, Dave Lippold,  for slowing him down.   And canceling an AOL account,   how hard can that be anyhow? 

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Wednesday June 21 2006


This may be the best complete program we've ever done on the state of Iowa's education system.  We deal with just about every cliche and excuse offered up by the education establishment for under-achieving.  From KIPP Academy  in Chicago, Jim O'Conner takes failing inner city minority kids and gets them ready for college.   How do they do it?  Listen.    The National Council on Teacher Quality  measures how well Iowa colleges teach teachers to teach.  Short answer.  They flunk.   Judy Hintz  from Education Resources picks up the pieces when kids don't learn to read.  How?   Everyone with concerns for children's education should hear this segment.

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