Tuesday May 09 2006

Iowan Tobin Miller  is in the cast of United 93.  As an air traffic controller he is an eyewitness to history.  Presidential and congressional approval ratings are in the tank.  What to do?  Congressman Steve King  back from Arizona border patrol...horrific stories.

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Monday May 8 2006

Carrie Lukas with the "Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism"   says eventually we may begin to honor moms and motherhood.    Then the Vatican says folks who believe the Bible are pagans,  but God may have had a small part in creation,  while a Brussels Bishop says it is our Christian duty to turn churches into mosques for illegal aliens...no,  really.   Then a plague of geese.

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Friday May 5 2006

So... let's beat up on a different Kennedy for a change...as long as its in the same gene pool,  it counts.   A bunch of really great openline.

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Thursday May 4 2006


The 2006 Asian Heritage Festival  is coming up...  Then,  can Arizona  Sheriff Joe Arpaio  teach Iowans anything about illegal immigration? 

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Wednesday May 3 2006

United 93 is a grim but inspirational movie about 911.    Lou Dobbs echoes the high cost of cheap labor in Iowa.  Then,  Iowa restaurant chislers.  Plus,  Deputy Ag Secretary Chuck Conner says ethanol progress is being made.   Steve Camarota from the Center for Immigration Studies says immigration control is truly a multi-partisan issue.   The poll numbers are huge!

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Tuesday May 2 2006

More intense immigration discussion.  Congressional Candidate Mike Whalen  wants the 1st District job.  Great conversation.

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Monday May 1 2006 It's May 1st  and it's a Day Without Immigrants.   How ya holding up?  Iowans continue to respond to immigration protestors.  Spirited discussion.
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Friday April 28 2006

Iowans react to the upcoming Mayday "A Day Without Immigrants".. but, not in the way organizers were hoping for though,  and to the new Hispanic version of the National Anthem,  Nuestro Himno.

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Thursday April 27 2006

How about a great public school success!   Woodlawn Elementary School kindergarten teacher Patti Fiderlick has her class reading at the 2nd Grade level!  How?  With a highly creative phonics course. Congressman Steve King wonders why the Register  did a response to a King editorial  which they didn't choose to print in the paper.   Then,  culture warrior Gary DeMarr  talks about the theology of immigration.

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Wednesday April 26 2006 "Why Birds Sing"    David Rothenberg.  Really.   Kevin McLaughlin with  Iowans for Discounted Taxes  want to bribe seniors to stay in Iowa.    "Leading from the Front"   Courtney Lynch a Marine with a mission to teach leadership.   Then,  Iowa immigration redux.
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