Jennifer Bowen from Iowa Right to Life with a last minute appeal for a bottled up late term abortion bill.   Vigorous.   Suzy...surprising.   Budget debate review...Congressman Steve King.     AND... if you are really bugged about high gass prices?    Nozzle Rage.

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Iowan's review Obama's budget speech...and Democrats calling for shared sacrifice...  is the US progressive tax code and example of "shared" sacrifice?  Hardly. 

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Another Iowan is killed in Afghanistan...question remains....why are we still there?  And Iowan react to another seemingly senseless should the real estate industry react?

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Patrick J. Buchanan says the world is crazy.  Needs to be institutionalized...the world,  not Pat.    Then,  the "Donald" courts's it going over?   Holy Shinola!   I never expected THAT!

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Texas is God's country.   William Sherden talks about the "Best Laid Plans"...the tyranny of unintended consequences...then I have a Sister Souljah moment..."Midnight and the Meaning of Love"...  did I mention Texas is God's country? 

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Congressman Steve King with thoughts about a government shutdown over the budget.   Then,  Rep. Kim Pearson and Senator Kent Sorenson explain the state of a couple of life bills trapped in limbo.

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Gangster Government...David Freddoso... Cal Beisner wants to Resist the Green Dragon...has a great sword...and the theology of GMO human milk from cows... really.

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"The Bed Bug Survival Guide"...a New York guy with bug advise.  Then,  some folks want to change the way school boards are elected....Marty Mauk and Suzette Jensen... plus the church has a position on collective bargaining...who knew? 

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 Indianola Parent, Michael Harmison, has another example of school violence.  Then, Cycling Home From Siberia...Rob Lilwall...AFSME uses MLK's rhetoric to stir up support for unionism.

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Life, death and baptized cells some Iowans are resisting some school tax spending votes....why...why not.  Spirited.  Plus,  how to answer the talking point advocacy of same gender marriage... the, "How does this affect your marriage?" cliché.   Then the pro-life community is divided in to fix it.  FIGHT

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