Dr. Brad Harrub is speaking at the Newton DMACC tonight 7pm (Friday 31st) on the creation-evolution debate--PhD in neurobiology.  Smart and funny guy.   James O'Keefe has busted voter fraud, rampant in North Carolina.  Larry Cunningham says Berkshire can go Beyond Buffett.   Was Joni in combat?  Democrats try to make it an issue.  Secretary of State Matt Schulz with last minute absentee ballot issues.

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 Dr. Lee Hieb...taxes, Ebola, issues. World Series stories...again, say "No" to a gas tax hike until the Iowa political class fixes the cost of illegals.  And Braley says millionaires don't deserve representation.

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Turned out to be a 2nd Amendment day.  First,  Story County Sheriff  Fitzgerald appears in a confusing anti-Ernst attack add. Then the  Iowa Firearms Coalition and other 2nd Amendment activists talk about last minute rights issues.  Barry Snell and Jeff Burkett from the Iowa Firearms Coalition...Timothy Knight, architect of the Colorado Recall, Colorado Second Amendment Association....Sean Maloney from Second Call Defense.  Spirited and informative.

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 Governor Jim Gilmore is in Iowa campaigning in the Senate race.  Possible presidential run?  Issues.  A caller challenges the Joni Ernst position on the life issue.  Jim Rickards has insight into the fate of the dollar...Death of Money.   Then, Waukee struggles over an early start for the school year.

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 "If God Won Our Elections"  Tim Morgan is wistful for principled Christians.  Maureen Ferguson is wistful for principled Catholics.  Mickelson is just wistful.  Then Hillary utters the defining Hillaryism..."...don't let anybody tell you it's corporations and businesses that create jobs..."   Iowans respond.

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Getting Sasquatchee with Outdoors Dan. (he's part of the conspiracy)   Congressman King with some post-debate thoughts.  And Ed Wright, Libertarian Party Candidate for 3rd District.  Issues.

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Animal Planet's cat whisperer, Jackson Galaxy chats about loving critters.  Talking a bit about the World Series. Then, the Undocumented Mark Steyn with words of "I told ya so" about terrorism.   Then,  HuffPo attacks Joni Ernst...raising even more support,  while stimulating criticism over her choice of weapons.

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 A Star for Mrs. Blake...a story about pilgrimages moms of WW1 victims made to Europe.  April Smith.  Then Simon highlights upcoming barbeque fundraiser for serviceman.  Has to do with puppies.  John Carlson is bugged about Toys R Us...and his ire is rewarded.  Dr. Jeffrey Singer is with the Doc Squad and gives Obamacare an "F".   Then has soy been rustling come to Iowa?

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 Sam Clovis talks about education issues...common sense.  Worth a listen.  Bob Dane from FAIR says Obama is fast-forwarding every executive action open borders hustle he can think of...likely to get worse after election.   Gail McWilliams inspires. Speaking for Informed Choices Clinics.   And the New York Times profiles Iowa.

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Ed Voss talks vets issues and highlights an upcoming Veteran's benefits & Fair and Open House.   Saturday, November 1, 2014.. Van Meter Veterans Reception Center Van Meter, Iowa.   Eric Vloeimans,  jazz trupeter,  is coming to Iowa with his group for a concert in Waukee October 23rd.  Delicious jazz music.   515-279-6452... at Caspe Terrace.  Then,  the Rev Cary Gordon talks about the lesbian activist mayor of Houston Texas who is trying to bully ministers into supplying sermon content.                

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