Colin Flaherty says Don’t Make the Black Kids Mad.  Racial Profiling.  Dr. Merrill Mathews says no matter what SCOTUS decides about Obamacare, confusion will reign.  And why shouldn’t rich people pay more for fines than poor people do? Like they do in Finland.

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The National Draft Ben Carson for President has been successful. Dr. Ben Carson has jumped into the race.  Vernon Robinson explains.  Then, the science of suppressors.  A historical slice of Patrick Henry.   Dr. Paul Kengor looks at The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis,  The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor…agrees with Mayor Giuliani.   Krista Kaine, Stands between the Worlds.

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Iowans think about adoption alternatives.  Netenyahu addresses congress on the Iranian threat.  Iowans were there…Tamara Scott reports.   And Iowan Matt Devries get an audience with Fed Chair Janet Yellin. 


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Barry Snell from Iowa Firearms Coalition and gun guru Peter Brownell updates us on Obama’s  bullet-grabbing executive order and Iowa 2nd Amendment legislation.   Then, Iowa DNR is dropping the farm fish stocking program.  Why?  Kevin Baskin explains.  

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Who should pay for cop cams?  Them or us?  Then Matt Whitaker is looking for political corruption.  The shocking thing is that he has found some.  Then,  inspirational music and school lunches in Ames.

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Senator Jim Webb is running for president on the Democratic ticket.   Getting aquainted.  Issues and history.   Iowa Republicans are dumping their party.  Why?  Then what?  

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Jim Martin says seniors will get hammered by the EPA Clean Power Act.  Then,  post gas tax feedback including skepticism about farmers not using dyed diesel for personal use.  Vigorous.

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Tovah Klein says there is no such thing as the “terrible twos”.  How Toddlers Thrive   Jessica Vaughn describes how the refugee program is an insulting hustle against the taxpayers.  Michael Ware and Erin Kiernan advocate Equality for Adoptive Families.  

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Dan Pilla can help you if you are being audited by the IRS.  How to Win Your Tax Audit.   Then, both left and right are pushing the gas tax hike.   Iowans don’t like the shake-down the political class is doing to get it passed.

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The folks at MediaMatters decided to take after a couple of my opinions.  I can only speculate as to why.   Perhaps it’s the confluence of my anti-gas tax argument which ties any increase to the scrutiny and defunding of illegals in Iowa Public schools.   This opinion has really irritated the political class in Iowa which like everywhere else loves to trade votes for OPM.  Also irritated is the Obamnesty class which has been milking compliant Iowans for untold millions since the early 80’s.  And it’s annoying  educrats which have been doing the same.   This is the link to their blog.

I usually take stuff like this apart line by line,  but in this case it isn’t necessary.   They did me the honor of accurately quoting me extensively.  They think they are tattling on me.   They think my opinions are so out of the mainstream that merely reporting them is an indictment.  They are wrong.  Most Iowans agree with me.  Most Americans for that matter.

I offer a few additional points to ponder though.

1.        The title of their piece, “IA radio host claims equal education for children is ‘a scam’-- undocumented students should be barred from public school’.     That isn’t accurate.  My goal isn’t to necessarily remove them from Iowa Public Schools.    I only said that the taxpayers have no obligation to pay for them.  (For the record I’d settle for a fee structure for non-citizens.)

2.       I wrote a short blog on my overview just a few months ago.  It is still relevant.

3.       And just to be a little snarky,  Dr. Thomas Woods reminds us that the 14th Amendment was never legally ratified in the first place.

4.       Finally, I can’t improve on Chief Justice Warren Burger’s opinion on Plyler.  “In an effort to become an omnipotent problem solver, the court distorts our constitutional function…illegal aliens have NO right whatever to be here, and the state may reasonably, and constitutionally, elect not to provide them with government service at the expense of those who are lawfully in the state.”


It’s interesting that a left-wing organization like MediaMatters took the time to evaluate the strength of my arguments.  Even though they made a muck of it,  I thank them for the courtesy of a try.   The political class which actually represents Iowa citizens and taxpayers won’t.



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